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Wallet apps are essential applications and the gateway for BitCoin/Blockchain:

  • Logging in apps with a wallet
  • Sending/receiving BitCoin

There is already a variety of wallets for BitcoinSV and each wallet has different strengths and usability.

Out of different options, we would like to introduce you “Volt Wallet”…

An Exchange on BitcoinSV blockchain you can trade from $0.01

We would like to introduce you a new form of exchange, “TDXP” @TDXPapp this time.

“TDXP” is an exchange using BitcoinSV as a platform. You can start trading by connecting your own wallet app with it.

There have been some…

Since when are we not aware that the photos, videos, thoughts and feelings we put on the internet are leaving our hands?

And how will social networking change in the future?

Now so many people have cameras and smartphones and can easily post their photos on the internet, which direction…


We believe in the possibility of BitCoin and we deliver useful information for everyone.

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